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Magnificient Films Production takes pride in showcasing our creativity on the field and infrastructure, especially when it comes down to the shooting arena. We have a beautifully designed studio. We are all well equipped with cameras, lights, a green screen for VFX and SFX effects. We also got a makeup room with well proper lighting to highlight features and make cast ready for the camera. Apart from that, our spacious studio also has a fitting place to try out and change. All in all, it is a one-stop studio to shoot movies, advertisements, TV commercials, perfect for the auditions, videos, etc.

In House, Facilities include:-
1. Lighting equipment
2. Props
3. Ac facility, changing room, makeup room
4. Four color backdrops
5. Ideal for Croma set up in the studio
6. Photographer

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Scf-20, Ground Floor,Phase-3A, Sector-53 Near Hotel Cama, Mohali (160059).


(+91) 8099440440
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